Season’s Festivities – 20.12.2017

The Eighters gathered in the communal hall to celebrate the season’s festivities together as a family. Both players and supporters of the Inter Hall Games and Inter Hall Recreational Games had the opportunity to take a break amidst their busy schedules, playing games with their friends and soaking in the jolly holiday spirit.


The communal hall was decorated using red and green colours, with a touch of white to signify a White Christmas. Residents were impressed with the decorations, as they took turns to take photos against the backgrounds around the hall.


The event kicked off to a start with the Sing and Strum performing for the residents, singing relaxing harmonized songs accompanied by acoustic guitars.


The residents enjoyed dinner together while listening to the Sing and Strum band.

Wong Simone, a member of Sing and Strum and JCRC said: “To be honest, it was quite difficult to fit SNS practices amidst playing and supporting the IHG matches, but we managed to find time to practice and it all worked out fine in the end!! We had fun performing and we hope the residents enjoyed it too.”


Next up, Brandon Tan, the 24th JCRC president cut the log cake for the residents to enjoy.


As part of the tradition of the season of giving, the residents each brought down a gift for the gift exchange segment of the event.


However, the gift exchange did not end without a twist. Instead of merely keeping the present they chose, the Eighters had a chance to swap their initial gift with that of another resident’s.


Despite all the ‘betrayal’ the residents went through, the event ended on a heart-warming note, where everyone gathered together again for a hall photo.


Jeffery Oh, organiser of the Season’s Festivities, commented: “I felt accomplished knowing that my event preparations did not go to waste. It was really a relief when people started to stream in.”


Exam Welfare Pack Collection – 2017 SEM 1

Finals are nearing and it’s no secret that this can be one of the most nerve-wrecking and depressing period of time for students, which is why Hall 8’s JCRC had exam welfare packs specially prepared for fellow residents, as a way to cheer everyone on.


On 8 November 2017, fellow Eighters gathered in the comms hall to collect the long-awaited and highly-anticipated exam welfare packs. Even though the giveaway started officially at 8pm, enthusiastic residents were seen registering 15 minutes early, demonstrating Singapore’s quintessential “kiasu” spirit.


With a limited number of packs to be given away, the early arrivals were certainly worth it. As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”!


With the help of members from the Residential Affairs (RA) and Biz Mag subcomms, the collection of welfare packs became a simple and efficient process. Upon registration, residents would receive a bag, and goodies would be placed into their bags by Biz Mag subcommers as they walked down the line designated for collection.


The goodies might have been the main attraction for previous years, but this year, the goodie bags themselves were what many Eighters were thrilled about. For the first time ever, residents were given their very own Hall 8 tote bag to add to their collection of Hall 8 merchandise!

This is not to say that the goodies given were any worse – the eyes of residents grew bigger and brighter as canned and bottled drinks, cup noodles, biscuits and a variety of snacks piled up in their bags.


When asked how they felt about the event, our fellow Eighters all had positive things to say. “I am really happy with the goodies given because they are very useful, and the snacks can help me stay awake when I am studying!” said Rachel Lian, a Year 2 NBS student.

Andreas, a foreign exchange student from Sweden, shared similar sentiments as well. “I think this event is an extremely good idea,” he said. “Since everyone is generally more depressed during this period, it will be a good way to lift their spirits.”

He also mentioned that they did not have EWPs at his school in Sweden, and he felt that it would be a wonderful thing to have.


In addition to the exam welfare packs, delicious finger food was served as well by the RA subcommers, providing residents with the perfect after-dinner snack.


The event concluded with success, as residents left the comms hall with contented smiles on their faces and a fighting spirit for finals in their hearts.


A huge thank you to everyone who came down to support the event! Enjoy your welfare packs and may we all breeze through finals together!


– Tiffany and Rachel

Halloween 2017

Imprinted on many faces were that of smiles that broke through the paint plastered on the faces of residents. On 1st November, Hall 8 threw its annual Halloween event to usher in the new month.


To match the Halloween theme, the Communal Hall was enveloped in orange and black decorations to soak residents in the celebratory mood.


The atmosphere was injected with exuberance as various main committees such as DND, FAP, MAXAR, L.AMP and FOC, set up an array of intriguing games and scrumptious food.


“I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people interested in our booth, and it was very heartening to receive the amount of support that we did,” said Cheryl Khoo, a main committee member of Dinner and Dance.


The Eighters also got to enjoy seeing their fellow residents carry out forfeits, when they lost a game at the games booth. A memorable forfeit would be one where Adalric Ng, 23rd JCRC Vice President, had to sing on the stage after losing to Brandon, the 24th JCRC President, whom he played the Fear Pong game with.


“I thought it would be fun to be able to force someone into a truth or dare situation,” said Adalric Ng on the reason he chose to play Fear Pong. “But Brandon won the very last minute, so he got to choose a song for me to sing.”

It is no surprise that Brandon chose the song 煎熬 (Torment) for Adalric, so the latter could show off his singing voice to residents present at the Halloween event. “It was a real torment to hear him sing that song,” Brandon jokingly commented.


Sporting residents also dressed up in a variety of costumes, which included that of rags stained with ‘blood’ and Darth Vader. Amongst the many Halloween themed costumes were a group of friends who came dressed up in their JC uniforms, with their faces painted to match the concept of the event.


James Tor, one of the residents dressed up in uniform, said: “The block 42 level 2 girls, also known as Hall 8’s SNSD, came up with the idea of wearing uniform for Halloween. I felt fabulous being able to wear a girl’s uniform to the event.”


Every ounce of effort put into planning the event by the JCRC and various main committees proved to be worthwhile, as the event’s success was evident in the dynamic and spirited energy that was elicited from the residents and permeated throughout the Comms Hall.


The event ended on a high when residents were gathered for the Lucky Draw prize giveaway. Out of the three hundred plus tickets, Hoh Shi Hui was lucky to have her ticket numbers called out twice.


“I have never ever won lucky draws in my life, so I was really surprised when I won not one but two lucky draws,” said Shi Hui. “I am very honoured that I got to experience my first win in Hall 8.”


“The turnout for the Halloween event this year was more than that of last year,” said Kai Tjoon, Vice President of the 24th JCRC. He added that the standard of the face painting for Halloween this year was comparable to that of last year’s.


Said Freshman Grace Ann: “This is my first Halloween event spent in Hall 8. It was a good experience! I had a good time going around the booths and interacting with my hall friends!”


Indeed, more than just celebrating the Halloween spirit, what was really fostered through the event were that of new memories and stronger friendship bonds that no amount of money can buy.

– Clarissa and ZhaoXi

Introduction to Cultural Night – Reminiscence

The Arts & Culture (A&C) department, comprising of Jam Band, Sing & Strum and Hall 8’s famed Srethgie are given a chance to show off the performances they have worked hard for.


Hall 8 was buzzing with excitement, as the junior Jam Band warmed up for their performance. Intro to Cult Night has always been a hall favourite, giving residents a little taster to the actual event of Cult Night.


The night kicked off with a bang as the junior Jam Band rocked out to a range of Linking Park and Jay Chou, engaging many residents to sway along to familiar lyrics.


Moving onto the Srethgie boys’ performance, they perfectly incorporated the essence of the theme Reminiscence perfectly! With a 90s throwback look of double denim and gelled centre-parting hairdos, they busted their stuff to Can’t Give You Enough Love by Aaron Kwok, as the residents went wild for them!

Sing & Strum was a soothing transition to chill out to, as the night got deeper. All three sections of Sing & Strum performed acoustic hits that resonated with the crowd.

With the anticipation of the Srethgie girls’ performance, the fever got turned up a notch as residents scrambled to watch them sashay and rock out in the confident Srethgie fashion.

The night rounded off with the polished senior Jam Band, basking in a rich atmosphere of vocals melding with the band – that was our well-rounded, Hall 8-styled Intro to Cult Night!


It wouldn’t be interesting if we just enjoyed Intro to Cult Night, without going on the ground to hear from our performers, would it? What do the performers themselves look forward to, while preparing for Intro to Cult Night?


Desiree Lee, a Year 2 resident and lead singer of Jam Band (Junior) says, “I look forward to having fun with the band and the crowd, hopefully people sing along with the song choices!” These performances help to build up friendships and stronger bonds between the performers. At the same time, hall activities are another platform for clan mates to catch up with one another after hectic school schedules.”

The free food doesn’t hurt either – as Singaporeans, who doesn’t like free food?

Intro to Cult Night also gives residents a chance to venture into something new. Take the case of Year 1 resident Teh Jia Teng who joined Srethgie with absolutely no dance background. Initially intimidated, he decided to put himself out there and give it a shot – the process was surprisingly fulfilling for him! “Although I didn’t have any dance background, the seniors were super patient and slowed down the steps for all the dance newbies. Even when I couldn’t make it for rehearsals at time, the seniors were willing to come down earlier before rehearsals to teach me the steps! I was really amazed, they really showed me what one Hall 8 spirit meant,” Jia Teng shared.

While many meaningful memories were forged, we can’t forget the memorable behind the scenes moments that remind us how relatable our hall performers are.


Year 1 resident Abigail Teng, playing keys for junior Jam Band divulged, “Everything seemed to be breaking a week before the performance! Our drummer’s drum sticks broke after a very intense rehearsal, and just the night before? Our guitarist’s guitar string broke as well! I have no clue how we managed to get everything working properly before our actual performance, but thank god it worked out just fine!”


– Jessica

Mid Autumn Festival-Deepavali Celebrations

The Mid-Autumn Festival and Deepavali celebrations kicked off with a blast on 11th October. Residents came down with their friends to bask in the festivities as they awaited the thrilling games and tasting of mooncakes.


The emcees, Gerald and Dashreen, created buzz amongst the crowd as they introduced the highlight of the night- the exciting games.


To foster block spirit, the emcees split the residents into their blocks before proceeding with the games.


To start the game off, the teams had to hunt for bunny-ear hairbands that were hidden all around the communal hall. The fastest team to secure two headbands and head up the stage wearing them would be awarded with the most points. There was no surprise as the residents frantically scanned the hall for these ears.



Almost immediately, a couple of residents spotted a lone bunny-ear headband hanging from the lights. They slowly inched closer with their chairs just to get a head start in grabbing them!


It proved to be a good plan as Daryl made it to stage in record time!



The winners of the game were rewarded with various prizes, including hall essentials like pots and boxes for organising their rooms.



Next up, the much-anticipated lucky draw took place. The emcees invited the newly elected President of the 24th JCRC, Brandon, to pick the lucky winners and to present their prizes.



Coincidentally, Brandon picked out the number 007 *cues James Bond music* as the first winner, Nigel, received the gift in style.


After the announcement of all prize winners, residents were treated to a good meal, served by the members of the Events sub-committee.



In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Eighters were treated to delicious walnut mooncakes, proudly brought to us by Nineteen Niche.



Eighters enjoying their food and mooncakes!



Exchange students who attended the event tried mooncakes for their first time!

Swedish exchange student, Andreas Nordgren said: “It was the first time I took part in such a celebration! It was really interesting and I got to know more about the culture here.”



No hall event is complete without a Hall 8 photo. That marked the end of an eventful night, and the very first event organised by the 24th JCRC! ONE HALL 8!


– Hsin Chen and Rong Wei

Looking back: 23rd JCRC

“A Happy Problem”

As I pondered over what to include in this write-up, I once again took a delightful trip down memory lane, the very same one that I went through when I wrote for my yearbook, AGM speech and Instagram dedications. There is just so much to share, and as our dearest boss would put it, it’s a “happy problem” – happy because there are simply so many pleasant, memorable and noteworthy moments to talk about.

But still a problem nonetheless.


“Secret Wednesdays”

The conference room, host to 19 unique personalities for many of the Wednesday nights over the year. It’s funny to see how the passage of time had turned project presentation-esque meetings into a free-for-all, sometimes Comedy Central-worthy family gathering. Whether it’s sneaking in an inappropriate joke in the middle of a serious AAR, or the occasional burn that really meant no harm, we seemed to have unleashed our inner crazy from the shy, reserved selves that we showcased during our initial meetings when we first began.

I’ll remember fondly the many “presidential treats” that we would receive over the year. Or how we’ll celebrate everyone’s birthday, then immediately go into an in-depth discussion of how to cut a cake into 19 parts. Burning bridges between, or within, portfolios just for the sake of building it back again. The R21 jokes flying everywhere. Deciding who sits in the van, and who takes the Uber. Trying to figure out who the mysterious N-gel is (which till date remains unsolved). Ice-cream parties at 8-11 that broke the ice between us (pun intended?). AOB discussions that last longer than the original agenda itself. It’s the little things that has made it special.

But of course, it can’t be that smooth of a journey right?



We were always at the mercy of time. The mad rush to complete proposals. The endless amounts of photos to publish. The continuous stream of t-shirts and posters to design. It’s a daily conundrum – what do we sacrifice today? Most of the time, it was sleep. To me, it felt like working a 24-hour shift every day. Be it attending a last minute inter-hall meeting convened with a two hour notice, or replying countless WhatsApp notifications while overseas, time just doesn’t seem to be on my side.

And then came the busy season, starting from winter all the way through semester 2, that pushed us all to our limits. We were no longer at the mercy of time, simply because there wasn’t any left. Yet, it served as our turning point, because it’s during the toughest of times that brought out the best of us. Whether we were busy competing, dancing, performing or acting, we stood by each other, and as one, we held the fort. It didn’t change the fact that we went through tough times.

But it proved the point that we were able to pull through, together.


“23rd is Ending”

At least that’s what we’ll jokingly say, be it during our late-night meetings or in our ever active group chat. But as the days went by and investiture inched closer, it began to hit home that this passing remark is slowly becoming a looming reality. It was a bittersweet ride, full of detours, road-blocks, humps and bumps, but alas, we made it to the finish line. The day that we’ve anticipated and dreaded has now arrived.

23rd has ended.

But in our hearts, 23rd never ends.

Contributed by:
Lew Shu Yuan, 23rd JCRC Events Director


Hall 8 got Talent?! + 24th JCRC Investiture

Hall 8 Got Talent took place on the 13th of September 2017, and residents came down with their friends ready to have a good time! The atmosphere was super ~chill~ and the event was a great respite from the stress of school.

Emcees Yong and Sean did an awesome job entertaining and engaging the crowd before the games started. Instead of dividing teams by their blocks, the emcees mixed it up by randomly assigning those in attendance into 4 groups to facilitate inter-block bonding. ONE HALL 8!!!

First up was song charades – the ultimate test of one’s knowledge of songs. One representative from each group had to guess the songs that their teammates were miming, and the group that guessed the song first would be winner of the round.

Can you guess what song they’re miming? The “guessers”  had an even more challenging time as a different song was being blasted through the earphones while they were guessing the song that was being mimed.

Next up was the catwalk segment, where ex pageantees were invited up on stage to strut their stuff and given a chance to relive their days of fame and glory. There was an individual catwalk segment where each ex-pageantee had to walk down the “catwalk” and strike their best pose.

This was followed by group poses and I have to say – it was amazing watching them work it in their lupsup attires.

Finally it was time for the karaoke session. Eighters belted out (some murmured) the lyrics to popular songs like High School Musical’s Breaking Free, and the winners of each round were decided by popular vote.

Hall 8 got talent ended with a performance of 童话 by the group leaders of each team, followed by a prize presentation. Each team walked away with Capitaland vouchers, as well as the feeling of warmth from new friendships forged.

No hard work goes unrewarded, and Eighters were treated to a spread of delicious food that was served by the 23rd JCRC. Highlight of the meal was definitely the eclairs!!!

The end of the meal signaled the start of INVESTITURE. The members of the 24th JCRC returned to the comms hall all decked out in their formal wear. There was a palpable feeling of anticipation from the 24th JCRC who were going to be receiving the responsibility of leading the hall for the next year. The 23rd JCRC handed over a small token to their successors, which signalled the end of their term.

Brandon, the 23rd JCRC’s Special Projects Director and 24th’s President, said: “It was a milestone for me, taking up a new role leading the next JCRC. We will do our best to make this hall a second home for all.”

Sean, the outgoing 23rd JCRC President, said: “The bittersweet journey wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Bitter that it ended. Sweet cause I was given the chance to serve the hall and the friendships forged.”

Thank you 23rd JCRC for your service to the hall. Rest well, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

To the 24th JCRC: GLHF!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing year ahead 🙂


– Juline



Sign-up Links

Wish to sign up for hall activities but you missed Freshmen Welcome Dinner? No worries for we have compiled all the sign up links here!

Main Committees

Posted by NTU Hall of Residence 8 on Sunday, 11 June 2017


MAXAR is looking for main committee members! If you wish to spend your time meaningfully by spreading joy to the local community, you’re the one we’re looking for!

The positions available include secretary, financial controller, logistics, creative, marketing and programmes.

Sign up here!

2. Dinner & Dance

Portfolios available:

– Business Managers

– Event Managers

– Pageant Coordinators

– Publicity and Publications

– Financial Secretary

Don’t worry if you have no experience in the portfolio you’re interested in!! Sign up here and you can find out more from us during the interview.

3. Fine Arts Production

If you are interested in the arts and playing a part in making a theatre play come alive, join Hall 8’s Fine Arts Production!

Portfolios available:

– Assistant Director

-Assistant Stage Manager

-Marketing Executive

-Events Coordinator


-Makeup Artist

-Stage Technician (Lights)

-Stage Technician (Sound)

-Business Manager


Sign up here!

4. Love Amplified

LAMP is an OCIP team that aims to provide exposure of volunteering and self-development to its members to allow them to experience what is not achievable locally.

Positions available:

  1. Business Manager
  2. Events
  3. Publications
  4. Secretary
  5. Financial Secretary

Sign up here!

5. Freshman Orientation Camp Main Committee

The FOC Main Committee is responsible for Camp AETOS, the premier Hall 8 Freshman Orientation Programme. We’re committed to delivering an unforgettable FOP experience to kickstart life in Hall 8.

Portfolios available:


Sign up here!

Cheer/Performing Arts

1. ROYALS (Cheerleading)

Want to fly or get the chance to throw someone into the air? Sign up for Royals here!

Come down for our first sharing session next Thurs, 24th Aug at 7pm to experience how cheer is like!

2. SRETHGIE (Dance)

if you wanna try something new, or love to dance!! Come join the srethgie family!! Sign up here!

There will be trial classes coming real soon in the semester!! Do stay tuned and check your emails!! See you!!!

3. Sing8Strum & Jamband

Hello! For those who have missed the signups during the Freshmen Welcome Dinner, don’t worry!  Auditions will be held on 23rd august (next wednesday) so do sign up at this link here!


Sports & Recreational Games

For those who are interested in training or representing Hall 8 in the upcoming Inter-Hall Games or Inter-Hall Recreational Games, do sign up for the various sports and games here!

For those who were asking about joining various subcommittees, recruitment will begin when the next JCRC is formed (which is really soon)! 

Love Amplified OEP

Contributed by Chun Win Ee, or more affectionately known as Datuk.

It’s been a week since Long Duc, but my life has resisted returning to routines. I attempt to do what I need to do, but my focus intermittently gives way. Everything that transpired still feels like a dream, and every memory I replay like a favourite film. In those scenes it was always a dirty and dilapidated place, but that setting was just about right for meeting perfect people who could make any and every day great. It’s the most pleasant paradox of choice: picking the most enjoyable moments we shared.

I really liked the part where we woke up to breakfasts of Bahn Mi or Maggi Mee, before squeezing together on reluctant trips to school in that vintage Mercedes. Also the part where we gave piggyback rides to the kids, as well as the teaching and repeating and repeating. Or the part where we were all inept at cement-mixing, brick-laying and mural-painting. Discussing who’s the Golden Booty over lunch; complaining about how the chicken’s only 5% cooked but eating it anyway. Begging EVG to let us get sugar cane and Sam Dua puh-lease, from “just this one time” to every day. Burning bridges over bridge, guessing who’s the Merlin and giving him an Oscar. Doing the rain dance and enjoying the dismay of those who did laundry, while praying that our own won’t turn out smelly. Chasing after commando chickens over mudfields and desperate ducks plotting their own prison break. Intensely fun dance practices that ended up with only us being our own audience. Even the painful scenes where we plucked grass under the scorching sun, sweating buckets. And seeing the darkest sides of people in the finale, blinded by a 海鲜猪肉大餐 desire.



It’s been a week since Long Duc, and my days are beginning to be mindlessly busy again. In every idle moment my mind wanders, invariably finding its way to a familiar place 900km away. I let go of everything else and watch the film unfold. Such precious screenings I smile lightly and let warm fuzzy feelings linger gently, sinfully. My heart feels full. That is enough until the next idle moment. I look forward to seeing my stars of Long Duc outside my mind’s silver screen, as every time we meet it’s a ticket to a 10/10 treat.

❤ datuk

Exam Welfare Pack

The highly anticipated Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway took place on the 5th of April 2017. Residents took a well deserved break from studying, and gathered together for one last hall event (for this Academic Year anyway).

The promise of free ice-cream proved to be highly effective in luring residents down early, and by 8.30pm, the queue had stretched all the way to the entrance of the comms hall.

The emcee of the night, Yeo Guang Jin, was an invaluable part of the event, hyping up and engaging everyone there right from the start of the event all the way through till the end. Jokes are definitely the best way to relieve stress, so Guang Jin’s mere presence would have sufficed. However, he went above and beyond himself and shared with us some of his very best jokes.

Q: What do you call Batman when he skips Church?
A: …Christian Bale.

The process of collecting the packs was fuss-free. Each resident was handed a bag when they registered, and goodies were placed into their bags by the Biz Mag subcommers as they walked down the demarcated collection route. Their smiles grew wider as their goodie bags got heavier and heavier.

Well, mostly…

Just kidding! Sorry we didn’t catch you at a better timing, and thanks for humouring our request for a photograph!

We spoke to Sylvia, a 4th Year Triple E exchange student from Spain, who mentioned that they did not have EWPs at her school. “I was studying in the study room and heard music, so I came down with my friend and we were so happy to be able to receive this pack. It’s very nice,” she said.

Natalie Chong, who was attending her 4th Hall 8 EWP Giveaway, said “The welfare pack is the heaviest this time round. Thank you biz mag for making all this possible, the ice-cream is the BEST* part of the pack!” (*Any views expressed here are entirely Natalie’s. )

Hmm, it must have been tough deciding which was the best goodie, considering that we had such awesome sponsors this year! Thank you Yue Hwa, Tao Ti, Swiss Miss, Gogovan, Padeve, Moist Diane, BKC Kopi, Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms and Lotte for making sure that our EWPs were gaogao!

After collecting their EWPs, residents were treated to delicious finger food served by the Residential Affairs (RA) subcommers. Besides filling their tummies with yummy food, their hearts were also filled with song by Hall 8’s very own Sing and Strum. Sing and Strum’s JYPZ performed a set list of three songs including both English and Chinese songs. Do their talents know no bounds?

The final few words of “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “I think I’m ready now” signaled that the event was coming to a close. Surrounded by empty boxes, the tired Biz Mag subcommers knew that they had done good and all they wanted was rest. However, the words of Britney Spears spurred them on. Collection had ended and they were ready to pack up.

We had time to squeeze in one last interview with our very own Biz Mag, Shonna! Have you ever wondered what it takes for your EWPs to come into existence?

“It starts with a recce of NTUC, Facebook and Instagram, followed by loads of emailing, countless rejections and finally you have your EWP,” said Shonna.

Thank you everyone for coming down! As you make sure your brains have enough knowledge to ace those examinations, don’t forget to have ample food and rest as well.

“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson.

So study hard and go make sense of the universe. All the best for finals!