Exam Welfare Pack

The highly anticipated Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway took place on the 5th of April 2017. Residents took a well deserved break from studying, and gathered together for one last hall event (for this Academic Year anyway).

The promise of free ice-cream proved to be highly effective in luring residents down early, and by 8.30pm, the queue had stretched all the way to the entrance of the comms hall.

The emcee of the night, Yeo Guang Jin, was an invaluable part of the event, hyping up and engaging everyone there right from the start of the event all the way through till the end. Jokes are definitely the best way to relieve stress, so Guang Jin’s mere presence would have sufficed. However, he went above and beyond himself and shared with us some of his very best jokes.

Q: What do you call Batman when he skips Church?
A: …Christian Bale.

The process of collecting the packs was fuss-free. Each resident was handed a bag when they registered, and goodies were placed into their bags by the Biz Mag subcommers as they walked down the demarcated collection route. Their smiles grew wider as their goodie bags got heavier and heavier.

Well, mostly…

Just kidding! Sorry we didn’t catch you at a better timing, and thanks for humouring our request for a photograph!

We spoke to Sylvia, a 4th Year Triple E exchange student from Spain, who mentioned that they did not have EWPs at her school. “I was studying in the study room and heard music, so I came down with my friend and we were so happy to be able to receive this pack. It’s very nice,” she said.

Natalie Chong, who was attending her 4th Hall 8 EWP Giveaway, said “The welfare pack is the heaviest this time round. Thank you biz mag for making all this possible, the ice-cream is the BEST* part of the pack!” (*Any views expressed here are entirely Natalie’s. )

Hmm, it must have been tough deciding which was the best goodie, considering that we had such awesome sponsors this year! Thank you Yue Hwa, Tao Ti, Swiss Miss, Gogovan, Padeve, Moist Diane, BKC Kopi, Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms and Lotte for making sure that our EWPs were gaogao!

After collecting their EWPs, residents were treated to delicious finger food served by the Residential Affairs (RA) subcommers. Besides filling their tummies with yummy food, their hearts were also filled with song by Hall 8’s very own Sing and Strum. Sing and Strum’s JYPZ performed a set list of three songs including both English and Chinese songs. Do their talents know no bounds?

The final few words of “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “I think I’m ready now” signaled that the event was coming to a close. Surrounded by empty boxes, the tired Biz Mag subcommers knew that they had done good and all they wanted was rest. However, the words of Britney Spears spurred them on. Collection had ended and they were ready to pack up.

We had time to squeeze in one last interview with our very own Biz Mag, Shonna! Have you ever wondered what it takes for your EWPs to come into existence?

“It starts with a recce of NTUC, Facebook and Instagram, followed by loads of emailing, countless rejections and finally you have your EWP,” said Shonna.

Thank you everyone for coming down! As you make sure your brains have enough knowledge to ace those examinations, don’t forget to have ample food and rest as well.

“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson.

So study hard and go make sense of the universe. All the best for finals!