Hall 8 got Talent?! + 24th JCRC Investiture

Hall 8 Got Talent took place on the 13th of September 2017, and residents came down with their friends ready to have a good time! The atmosphere was super ~chill~ and the event was a great respite from the stress of school.

Emcees Yong and Sean did an awesome job entertaining and engaging the crowd before the games started. Instead of dividing teams by their blocks, the emcees mixed it up by randomly assigning those in attendance into 4 groups to facilitate inter-block bonding. ONE HALL 8!!!

First up was song charades – the ultimate test of one’s knowledge of songs. One representative from each group had to guess the songs that their teammates were miming, and the group that guessed the song first would be winner of the round.

Can you guess what song they’re miming? The “guessers”  had an even more challenging time as a different song was being blasted through the earphones while they were guessing the song that was being mimed.

Next up was the catwalk segment, where ex pageantees were invited up on stage to strut their stuff and given a chance to relive their days of fame and glory. There was an individual catwalk segment where each ex-pageantee had to walk down the “catwalk” and strike their best pose.

This was followed by group poses and I have to say – it was amazing watching them work it in their lupsup attires.

Finally it was time for the karaoke session. Eighters belted out (some murmured) the lyrics to popular songs like High School Musical’s Breaking Free, and the winners of each round were decided by popular vote.

Hall 8 got talent ended with a performance of 童话 by the group leaders of each team, followed by a prize presentation. Each team walked away with Capitaland vouchers, as well as the feeling of warmth from new friendships forged.

No hard work goes unrewarded, and Eighters were treated to a spread of delicious food that was served by the 23rd JCRC. Highlight of the meal was definitely the eclairs!!!

The end of the meal signaled the start of INVESTITURE. The members of the 24th JCRC returned to the comms hall all decked out in their formal wear. There was a palpable feeling of anticipation from the 24th JCRC who were going to be receiving the responsibility of leading the hall for the next year. The 23rd JCRC handed over a small token to their successors, which signalled the end of their term.

Brandon, the 23rd JCRC’s Special Projects Director and 24th’s President, said: “It was a milestone for me, taking up a new role leading the next JCRC. We will do our best to make this hall a second home for all.”

Sean, the outgoing 23rd JCRC President, said: “The bittersweet journey wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Bitter that it ended. Sweet cause I was given the chance to serve the hall and the friendships forged.”

Thank you 23rd JCRC for your service to the hall. Rest well, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

To the 24th JCRC: GLHF!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing year ahead 🙂


– Juline