Looking back: 23rd JCRC

“A Happy Problem”

As I pondered over what to include in this write-up, I once again took a delightful trip down memory lane, the very same one that I went through when I wrote for my yearbook, AGM speech and Instagram dedications. There is just so much to share, and as our dearest boss would put it, it’s a “happy problem” – happy because there are simply so many pleasant, memorable and noteworthy moments to talk about.

But still a problem nonetheless.


“Secret Wednesdays”

The conference room, host to 19 unique personalities for many of the Wednesday nights over the year. It’s funny to see how the passage of time had turned project presentation-esque meetings into a free-for-all, sometimes Comedy Central-worthy family gathering. Whether it’s sneaking in an inappropriate joke in the middle of a serious AAR, or the occasional burn that really meant no harm, we seemed to have unleashed our inner crazy from the shy, reserved selves that we showcased during our initial meetings when we first began.

I’ll remember fondly the many “presidential treats” that we would receive over the year. Or how we’ll celebrate everyone’s birthday, then immediately go into an in-depth discussion of how to cut a cake into 19 parts. Burning bridges between, or within, portfolios just for the sake of building it back again. The R21 jokes flying everywhere. Deciding who sits in the van, and who takes the Uber. Trying to figure out who the mysterious N-gel is (which till date remains unsolved). Ice-cream parties at 8-11 that broke the ice between us (pun intended?). AOB discussions that last longer than the original agenda itself. It’s the little things that has made it special.

But of course, it can’t be that smooth of a journey right?



We were always at the mercy of time. The mad rush to complete proposals. The endless amounts of photos to publish. The continuous stream of t-shirts and posters to design. It’s a daily conundrum – what do we sacrifice today? Most of the time, it was sleep. To me, it felt like working a 24-hour shift every day. Be it attending a last minute inter-hall meeting convened with a two hour notice, or replying countless WhatsApp notifications while overseas, time just doesn’t seem to be on my side.

And then came the busy season, starting from winter all the way through semester 2, that pushed us all to our limits. We were no longer at the mercy of time, simply because there wasn’t any left. Yet, it served as our turning point, because it’s during the toughest of times that brought out the best of us. Whether we were busy competing, dancing, performing or acting, we stood by each other, and as one, we held the fort. It didn’t change the fact that we went through tough times.

But it proved the point that we were able to pull through, together.


“23rd is Ending”

At least that’s what we’ll jokingly say, be it during our late-night meetings or in our ever active group chat. But as the days went by and investiture inched closer, it began to hit home that this passing remark is slowly becoming a looming reality. It was a bittersweet ride, full of detours, road-blocks, humps and bumps, but alas, we made it to the finish line. The day that we’ve anticipated and dreaded has now arrived.

23rd has ended.

But in our hearts, 23rd never ends.

Contributed by:
Lew Shu Yuan, 23rd JCRC Events Director