Mid Autumn Festival-Deepavali Celebrations

The Mid-Autumn Festival and Deepavali celebrations kicked off with a blast on 11th October. Residents came down with their friends to bask in the festivities as they awaited the thrilling games and tasting of mooncakes.


The emcees, Gerald and Dashreen, created buzz amongst the crowd as they introduced the highlight of the night- the exciting games.


To foster block spirit, the emcees split the residents into their blocks before proceeding with the games.


To start the game off, the teams had to hunt for bunny-ear hairbands that were hidden all around the communal hall. The fastest team to secure two headbands and head up the stage wearing them would be awarded with the most points. There was no surprise as the residents frantically scanned the hall for these ears.



Almost immediately, a couple of residents spotted a lone bunny-ear headband hanging from the lights. They slowly inched closer with their chairs just to get a head start in grabbing them. It proved to be a good plan as Daryl made it to stage in record time!

The winners of the game were rewarded with various prizes, including hall essentials like pots and boxes for organising their rooms.


Next up, the much-anticipated lucky draw took place. The emcees invited the newly elected President of the 24th JCRC, Brandon, to pick the lucky winners and to present their prizes.


Coincidentally, Brandon picked out the number 007 *cues James Bond music* as the first winner, Nigel, received the gift in style.


After the announcement of all prize winners, residents were treated to a good meal, served by the members of the Events sub-committee.


In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Eighters were treated to delicious walnut mooncakes, proudly brought to us by Nineteen Niche.


Eighters enjoying their food and mooncakes!


Exchange students who attended the event tried mooncakes for their first time!

Swedish exchange student, Andreas Nordgren said: β€œIt was the first time I took part in such a celebration! It was really interesting and I got to know more about the culture here.”


No hall event is complete without a Hall 8 photo. That marked the end of an eventful night, and the very first event organised by the 24th JCRC! ONE HALL 8!


– Hsin Chen and Rong Wei