Introduction to Cultural Night – Reminiscence

The Arts & Culture (A&C) department, comprising of Jam Band, Sing & Strum and Hall 8’s famed Srethgie are given a chance to show off the performances they have worked hard for.


Hall 8 was buzzing with excitement, as the junior Jam Band warmed up for their performance. Intro to Cult Night has always been a hall favourite, giving residents a little taster to the actual event of Cult Night.


The night kicked off with a bang as the junior Jam Band rocked out to a range of Linking Park and Jay Chou, engaging many residents to sway along to familiar lyrics.


Moving onto the Srethgie boys’ performance, they perfectly incorporated the essence of the theme Reminiscence perfectly! With a 90s throwback look of double denim and gelled centre-parting hairdos, they busted their stuff to Can’t Give You Enough Love by Aaron Kwok, as the residents went wild for them!

Sing & Strum was a soothing transition to chill out to, as the night got deeper. All three sections of Sing & Strum performed acoustic hits that resonated with the crowd.

With the anticipation of the Srethgie girls’ performance, the fever got turned up a notch as residents scrambled to watch them sashay and rock out in the confident Srethgie fashion.

The night rounded off with the polished senior Jam Band, basking in a rich atmosphere of vocals melding with the band – that was our well-rounded, Hall 8-styled Intro to Cult Night!


It wouldn’t be interesting if we just enjoyed Intro to Cult Night, without going on the ground to hear from our performers, would it? What do the performers themselves look forward to, while preparing for Intro to Cult Night?


Desiree Lee, a Year 2 resident and lead singer of Jam Band (Junior) says, “I look forward to having fun with the band and the crowd, hopefully people sing along with the song choices!” These performances help to build up friendships and stronger bonds between the performers. At the same time, hall activities are another platform for clan mates to catch up with one another after hectic school schedules.”


The free food doesn’t hurt either – as Singaporeans, who doesn’t like free food?

Intro to Cult Night also gives residents a chance to venture into something new. Take the case of Year 1 resident Teh Jia Teng who joined Srethgie with absolutely no dance background. Initially intimidated, he decided to put himself out there and give it a shot – the process was surprisingly fulfilling for him! “Although I didn’t have any dance background, the seniors were super patient and slowed down the steps for all the dance newbies. Even when I couldn’t make it for rehearsals at time, the seniors were willing to come down earlier before rehearsals to teach me the steps! I was really amazed, they really showed me what one Hall 8 spirit meant,” Jia Teng shared.

While many meaningful memories were forged, we can’t forget the memorable behind the scenes moments that remind us how relatable our hall performers are.


Year 1 resident Abigail Teng, playing keys for junior Jam Band divulged, “Everything seemed to be breaking a week before the performance! Our drummer’s drum sticks broke after a very intense rehearsal, and just the night before? Our guitarist’s guitar string broke as well! I have no clue how we managed to get everything working properly before our actual performance, but thank god it worked out just fine!”


– Jessica