Halloween 2017

Imprinted on many faces were that of smiles that broke through the paint plastered on the faces of residents. On 1st November, Hall 8 threw its annual Halloween event to usher in the new month.


To match the Halloween theme, the Communal Hall was enveloped in orange and black decorations to soak residents in the celebratory mood.


The atmosphere was injected with exuberance as various main committees such as DND, FAP, MAXAR, L.AMP and FOC, set up an array of intriguing games and scrumptious food.


“I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people interested in our booth, and it was very heartening to receive the amount of support that we did,” said Cheryl Khoo, a main committee member of Dinner and Dance.


The Eighters also got to enjoy seeing their fellow residents carry out forfeits, when they lost a game at the games booth. A memorable forfeit would be one where Adalric Ng, 23rd JCRC Vice President, had to sing on the stage after losing to Brandon, the 24th JCRC President, whom he played the Fear Pong game with.


“I thought it would be fun to be able to force someone into a truth or dare situation,” said Adalric Ng on the reason he chose to play Fear Pong. “But Brandon won the very last minute, so he got to choose a song for me to sing.”

It is no surprise that Brandon chose the song 煎熬 (Torment) for Adalric, so the latter could show off his singing voice to residents present at the Halloween event. “It was a real torment to hear him sing that song,” Brandon jokingly commented.


Sporting residents also dressed up in a variety of costumes, which included that of rags stained with ‘blood’ and Darth Vader. Amongst the many Halloween themed costumes were a group of friends who came dressed up in their JC uniforms, with their faces painted to match the concept of the event.


James Tor, one of the residents dressed up in uniform, said: “The block 42 level 2 girls, also known as Hall 8’s SNSD, came up with the idea of wearing uniform for Halloween. I felt fabulous being able to wear a girl’s uniform to the event.”


Every ounce of effort put into planning the event by the JCRC and various main committees proved to be worthwhile, as the event’s success was evident in the dynamic and spirited energy that was elicited from the residents and permeated throughout the Comms Hall.


The event ended on a high when residents were gathered for the Lucky Draw prize giveaway. Out of the three hundred plus tickets, Hoh Shi Hui was lucky to have her ticket numbers called out twice.


“I have never ever won lucky draws in my life, so I was really surprised when I won not one but two lucky draws,” said Shi Hui. “I am very honoured that I got to experience my first win in Hall 8.”


“The turnout for the Halloween event this year was more than that of last year,” said Kai Tjoon, Vice President of the 24th JCRC. He added that the standard of the face painting for Halloween this year was comparable to that of last year’s.


Said Freshman Grace Ann: “This is my first Halloween event spent in Hall 8. It was a good experience! I had a good time going around the booths and interacting with my hall friends!”


Indeed, more than just celebrating the Halloween spirit, what was really fostered through the event were that of new memories and stronger friendship bonds that no amount of money can buy.

– Clarissa and ZhaoXi