Exam Welfare Pack Collection – 2017 SEM 1

Finals are nearing and it’s no secret that this can be one of the most nerve-wrecking and depressing period of time for students, which is why Hall 8’s JCRC had exam welfare packs specially prepared for fellow residents, as a way to cheer everyone on.


On 8 November 2017, fellow Eighters gathered in the comms hall to collect the long-awaited and highly-anticipated exam welfare packs. Even though the giveaway started officially at 8pm, enthusiastic residents were seen registering 15 minutes early, demonstrating Singapore’s quintessential “kiasu” spirit.


With a limited number of packs to be given away, the early arrivals were certainly worth it. As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”!


With the help of members from the Residential Affairs (RA) and Biz Mag subcomms, the collection of welfare packs became a simple and efficient process. Upon registration, residents would receive a bag, and goodies would be placed into their bags by Biz Mag subcommers as they walked down the line designated for collection.


The goodies might have been the main attraction for previous years, but this year, the goodie bags themselves were what many Eighters were thrilled about. For the first time ever, residents were given their very own Hall 8 tote bag to add to their collection of Hall 8 merchandise!

This is not to say that the goodies given were any worse – the eyes of residents grew bigger and brighter as canned and bottled drinks, cup noodles, biscuits and a variety of snacks piled up in their bags.


When asked how they felt about the event, our fellow Eighters all had positive things to say. “I am really happy with the goodies given because they are very useful, and the snacks can help me stay awake when I am studying!” said Rachel Lian, a Year 2 NBS student.

Andreas, a foreign exchange student from Sweden, shared similar sentiments as well. “I think this event is an extremely good idea,” he said. “Since everyone is generally more depressed during this period, it will be a good way to lift their spirits.”

He also mentioned that they did not have EWPs at his school in Sweden, and he felt that it would be a wonderful thing to have.


In addition to the exam welfare packs, delicious finger food was served as well by the RA subcommers, providing residents with the perfect after-dinner snack.


The event concluded with success, as residents left the comms hall with contented smiles on their faces and a fighting spirit for finals in their hearts.


A huge thank you to everyone who came down to support the event! Enjoy your welfare packs and may we all breeze through finals together!


– Tiffany and Rachel