Season’s Festivities – 20.12.2017

The Eighters gathered in the communal hall to celebrate the season’s festivities together as a family. Both players and supporters of the Inter Hall Games and Inter Hall Recreational Games had the opportunity to take a break amidst their busy schedules, playing games with their friends and soaking in the jolly holiday spirit.


The communal hall was decorated using red and green colours, with a touch of white to signify a White Christmas. Residents were impressed with the decorations, as they took turns to take photos against the backgrounds around the hall.


The event kicked off to a start with the Sing and Strum performing for the residents, singing relaxing harmonized songs accompanied by acoustic guitars.


The residents enjoyed dinner together while listening to the Sing and Strum band.

Wong Simone, a member of Sing and Strum and JCRC said: “To be honest, it was quite difficult to fit SNS practices amidst playing and supporting the IHG matches, but we managed to find time to practice and it all worked out fine in the end!! We had fun performing and we hope the residents enjoyed it too.”


Next up, Brandon Tan, the 24th JCRC president cut the log cake for the residents to enjoy.


As part of the tradition of the season of giving, the residents each brought down a gift for the gift exchange segment of the event.


However, the gift exchange did not end without a twist. Instead of merely keeping the present they chose, the Eighters had a chance to swap their initial gift with that of another resident’s.


Despite all the ‘betrayal’ the residents went through, the event ended on a heart-warming note, where everyone gathered together again for a hall photo.


Jeffery Oh, organiser of the Season’s Festivities, commented: “I felt accomplished knowing that my event preparations did not go to waste. It was really a relief when people started to stream in.