Freshmen Welcome Dinner 15.08.2018

Our residents, new and old, joined us in our first event of the new semester in Hall 8, the Freshmen Welcome Dinner. This annual event is the perfect opportunity for freshmen and new residents to learn about the committees and events happening in hall.

An exciting lineup awaited our residents, starting with our very own Jamband. Accompanied by a rhythmic drum beat, rapper of the band James Ong debuted his very own self-written rap, awing even our exchange student, Flavia, who commented that “the rapper was amazing”.


Following the entertainment by Jamband, it was then time for Eighters to entertain their stomachs with a scrumptious dinner as they lined up at the buffet table. With full plates of food in their hands, residents sat down at the communal hall while the main committees of Hall 8 introduced their various projects and portfolios.

Hall 8’s dance crew, Srethgie, also put up an impressive performance showcasing their hip-hop and street jazz moves.


After the refreshing dance item, Hall 8’s Sing and Strum flooded the communal hall with sweet acoustic tunes and melodious voices, strumming the heartstrings of many fellow Eighters.


With the Hall 8’s Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) being the final committee introduced, members made their grand entrances each creatively tailored to their own portfolios. Starting it off was the Special Projects Director and Deputy Director, who cycled their way into the communal hall. Subsequently, various members took their turns until finally, the JCRC President entered, waving the Hall 8 flag along to the cheers of Eighters.


When asked about the event, Samantha Yom, a Year 1 resident, shared that it was a “good insight” into the activities available in hall.

“There was quality entertainment and I gained more exposure to the various ways I can contribute back to hall”, she said.

As the night came to an end, residents busied themselves with sign-ups for their desired committees, performing arts groups, and sports.

The best was indeed saved for the last, as cakes were cut and shared among Eighters.


Eighters left the Freshmen Welcome Dinner with their hearts and stomachs full. We hope to see everyone again next year!