Introduction to Cultural Night – First Love 24.10.2018

On 24th October, we witnessed the hall filling with various shades of pink and white in celebration of Intro to Cult Night 2018 with the theme: First Love. This year we had a myriad of exciting performances lined up for our fellow Eighters, showcasing their beautiful voices and exhilarating dance moves.

Our two emcees started off the night with an exciting game of Guess The Song, where pairs competed to guess what the other was singing (albeit with a little difficulty).

Thereafter we welcomed our very own Jam Band, enrapturing the audience with their dynamic performance and strong stage presence. They got the crowd hyped up as Eighters started singing along to the catchy lyrics and energetic beats.

Next, Sing and Strum captivated everyone with their melodious harmonies and accompaniments. With the lights dimmed and lights waving, the atmosphere warmed everyone’s hearts as our talented members took the front stage.

Our next performance changed the atmosphere from a soothing one to one filled with excitement and cheer. Srethgie Boys killed the stage with their powerful moves and cheeky expressions, showcasing the spirit of Hall 8. Year 1 resident, Brendan Soh said: “I think the style of the Srethgie Boys performance complements very well with their song choice! I really enjoyed the performance.”

Next up was a new addition, which really intrigued everyone. Fine Arts Production prepared their own rendition of Romeo and Juliet, adding interesting twists with hints of Hall 8 flavour in it, spicing up the crowd with joy and laughter. Year 2 resident James Ong commented: “It was something fresh compared to last year. In addition, letting the audience take part in the short skit was really interesting.”

In groups of six, three groups competed in the pocky game– except this time it was with gummy worms. By passing it from person to person, the team with the shortest gummy would emerge as champion.

Last but not least, Srethgie Girls wowed everyone with their synchronisation and sassy moves. Year 1 resident and performer Jasmine Ng shared: “It was very heartening to see everyone working so hard together to come up with an item, regardless of whether they had dance background or not. Knowing we only have limited practices, I was really touched when I saw people practicing outside their rooms, in toilets and even on the way from location to location. Despite space constraints and the large amount of female dancers, we still managed to put up a great performance in the end.”

Jane Hu, one of the emcees and performers for the event, said: “It was my first time emceeing and I was a little lost. However, it was an experience introducing the various groups and performances. Also, letting residents have a glimpse of our performances act as a recruitment platform for people who are interested and also allows performers to gain experience.”