Season’s Festivities – Winter Wonderland 19.12.2018

Being in hall for the holidays is still a season filled with festivity, as Winter Wonderland was here to prove. Rather than a jam-packed roster of activities in which to participate, Eighters were treated to a chill night with pizza and movies.

Completely eschewing chairs, the communal hall saw a small section of its expanse blocked off with a brown fence, barring in blue and pink balls, as well as pool floats and pillows. Without the strict formation of chairs, the hall had never more looked like a home.

Bands from Sing and Strum were there to dazzle, wowing the crowd and getting them in the mood for Christmas.

Gift exchanging also took on a fun turn, where residents passed their parcels down the line while standing in a circle, and while some people could be more pleased than others, each participating resident definitely got something interesting to take back!

After that, residents settled in for a chill night of talking and having fun.

To end off the night, the 25th JCRC president and vice-president, Liang Qian Hong and Phua Zhao Xi respectively, cut the log cake together.

“It was a great way for Hall 8 residents to spend some time together after exams,” said Wong Yi Jie, a participant of the event.