8 to 8 Supper Hop 1.2.2019-2.2.2019

The buses were filled with much awaited excitement as Eighters were approaching their first location: Sing my Song Family Karaoke. Walking past the corridors, you could catch our own talented singers belting out to the tunes and many dancing along with them.

Soon, they made their way to St. Games at Stadium, where they branched out into their own groups to enjoy the different games there. There was pool, a wide variety of video games, as well as board and card games for everyone to enjoy. You could see many excited and determined faces as our Eighters danced along to the moves shown on the screen, and jammed and sung according to the beats of the song.

Thereafter, they made their way to The Cage as they split up, taking turns to play the different games. You could hear many screams of laughter at Bubble Soccer as the players continually got knocked down by one another in an attempt to get the ball. Bullet Ball, which was dodgeball but with an added twist, showcased the agility and strength of many of our players as they shunned and threw the balls will great accuracy. Last but not least, we could see many potential fencers surfacing at Saber Tag as everyone did their best to knock off the ping-pong balls off their opponents. Eunice Phua, a Year 1 resident said, “I really enjoyed The Cage games because it was very exciting!”



After the fun and tiring games, they made their way to 89.7 Supper Club where they munched on their supper and bonded with their fellow friends. The whole place was filled with much buzz and laughter. Even though many of the Eighters were tired from the long day, the joy that emanated from them was not diminished from their weariness.

Jasmine Ng, a subcommer of SPD commented that she was glad to see the event go smoothly and to see the Eighters have fun. Even though she did not participate in the games, it was satisfying and heartening enough to see everyone’s happy faces.


Wua Xinyi, a Year 1 resident also thought the whole event was well planned. There were a variety of games and activities which were fun and she was glad she made new friends through this event as well. She said, “Personally, I’ve heard of bubble soccer but never dared to try it out for myself. However, Supper Hop gave me the opportunity to do so! Everything went smoothly and there wasn’t any unhappiness such as long waiting times and such. I’m sure all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and this was a well-needed break from academics.”