Hall 8 Day 15.2.19

Residents gathered around numerous pots, stuffing to the brim poultry, fishballs, maggie and the like as best as the pot’s capacity would allow. Excited faces would peer into these pots and when the lid was lifted signaling the food was ready, wooden chopsticks would grab the ready-cooked food to fill up mini plastic bowls and subsequently, the tummies of Hall 8 residents.

It was Hall 8 Day- aka  “hall-steamboat” day, and when dinner time came round residents started pooling in. Circles formed around the tables and soon the comms hall was full of residents communing over these pots, creating stimulating conversations amongst themselves.

That evening, amidst all the good food and excited chatter, Hall 8 gave out Half-Colours and Full-Colours awards to recognize the blood, sweat and tears of sportsman, sportswomen and rec game players who contributed much to the many games and sports Hall 8 was involved in. Half-colours awards was given to residents who participated in at least 4 sports and rec games while Full-Colours awards were given out to dedicated players who were involved in at least 6 sports and rec games. “It’s amazing to see how some of them can play up to 7 games while juggling Srethgie at the same time. I really take my hat off to them.” said Samantha Yom, 25th JCRC Sports Director. She added, “It was nice to come together as one Hall 8 and look back and celebrate our accomplishments over the past few months.”

The evening was also spent reminiscing Royals- Hall 8’s cheerleading squad who participated in IHCC and Srethgie- Hall 8’s dance family who performed in HOCC. Residents cheered as Hall 8 shared the screen, reviewing the live performances of Royals and Srethgie, whilst performers basked in their bittersweet memories of the strenuous and difficult training hours they put in to bring their items to life. “It was a good time of gathering and catching up with old friends” said Ming Jie, who was a dancer for Srethgie.

As residents slowly had their fill, the night eased to an end with residents helping out with the washing and cleaning of the areas used. Night fell, and Hall 8 day came to a conclusion, leaving residents with full tummies but even fuller hearts.