Cultural Night 24.2.2019

Coming a few months off awards season, Hall 8 had its own “Oscars Night” at Aliwal Arts Centre– in actuality, our annual, hotly-anticipated Cultural Night. Each of Arts & Cultural’s performing acts took their turns to take the stage, each using their fleeting spot to dazzle the audience with their talent.




Cultural Night kicked things off with Band 8, who gave a starry performance. Next up was #Aiqing to put the room into the mood for love. Bringing up the rear before intermission, Old Ye took it old school with some favoured Disney classics.

Once the audience settled down following intermission, Sugarcrybaby gave their renditions of some soulful tunes. They were followed by RAPresent’s rocking out, before the performances ended with a show by Bye.

Before the night ended, audience members themselves were pulled onstage for open mic. After a few calls of sabotage and surprise, hidden talents, the night came to a close, putting another successful Cultural Night in the books.

Tan Pin Zhen, from #Aiqing, said of the night, “As a freshie performing for Cult Night for the first time, I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to share the stage with so many talented indivuals of Hall 8. I really enjoyed the performances that night, especially the ones by the graduating seniors as it is their swan song for Hall 8. I hope Hall 8 had a good time at Cult Night and we will see them next year!”