Looking back: 23rd JCRC

“A Happy Problem”

As I pondered over what to include in this write-up, I once again took a delightful trip down memory lane, the very same one that I went through when I wrote for my yearbook, AGM speech and Instagram dedications. There is just so much to share, and as our dearest boss would put it, it’s a “happy problem” – happy because there are simply so many pleasant, memorable and noteworthy moments to talk about.

But still a problem nonetheless.


“Secret Wednesdays”

The conference room, host to 19 unique personalities for many of the Wednesday nights over the year. It’s funny to see how the passage of time had turned project presentation-esque meetings into a free-for-all, sometimes Comedy Central-worthy family gathering. Whether it’s sneaking in an inappropriate joke in the middle of a serious AAR, or the occasional burn that really meant no harm, we seemed to have unleashed our inner crazy from the shy, reserved selves that we showcased during our initial meetings when we first began.

I’ll remember fondly the many “presidential treats” that we would receive over the year. Or how we’ll celebrate everyone’s birthday, then immediately go into an in-depth discussion of how to cut a cake into 19 parts. Burning bridges between, or within, portfolios just for the sake of building it back again. The R21 jokes flying everywhere. Deciding who sits in the van, and who takes the Uber. Trying to figure out who the mysterious N-gel is (which till date remains unsolved). Ice-cream parties at 8-11 that broke the ice between us (pun intended?). AOB discussions that last longer than the original agenda itself. It’s the little things that has made it special.

But of course, it can’t be that smooth of a journey right?



We were always at the mercy of time. The mad rush to complete proposals. The endless amounts of photos to publish. The continuous stream of t-shirts and posters to design. It’s a daily conundrum – what do we sacrifice today? Most of the time, it was sleep. To me, it felt like working a 24-hour shift every day. Be it attending a last minute inter-hall meeting convened with a two hour notice, or replying countless WhatsApp notifications while overseas, time just doesn’t seem to be on my side.

And then came the busy season, starting from winter all the way through semester 2, that pushed us all to our limits. We were no longer at the mercy of time, simply because there wasn’t any left. Yet, it served as our turning point, because it’s during the toughest of times that brought out the best of us. Whether we were busy competing, dancing, performing or acting, we stood by each other, and as one, we held the fort. It didn’t change the fact that we went through tough times.

But it proved the point that we were able to pull through, together.


“23rd is Ending”

At least that’s what we’ll jokingly say, be it during our late-night meetings or in our ever active group chat. But as the days went by and investiture inched closer, it began to hit home that this passing remark is slowly becoming a looming reality. It was a bittersweet ride, full of detours, road-blocks, humps and bumps, but alas, we made it to the finish line. The day that we’ve anticipated and dreaded has now arrived.

23rd has ended.

But in our hearts, 23rd never ends.

Contributed by:
Lew Shu Yuan, 23rd JCRC Events Director


Hall 8 got Talent?! + 24th JCRC Investiture

Hall 8 Got Talent took place on the 13th of September 2017, and residents came down with their friends ready to have a good time! The atmosphere was super ~chill~ and the event was a great respite from the stress of school.

Emcees Yong and Sean did an awesome job entertaining and engaging the crowd before the games started. Instead of dividing teams by their blocks, the emcees mixed it up by randomly assigning those in attendance into 4 groups to facilitate inter-block bonding. ONE HALL 8!!!

First up was song charades – the ultimate test of one’s knowledge of songs. One representative from each group had to guess the songs that their teammates were miming, and the group that guessed the song first would be winner of the round.

Can you guess what song they’re miming? The “guessers”  had an even more challenging time as a different song was being blasted through the earphones while they were guessing the song that was being mimed.

Next up was the catwalk segment, where ex pageantees were invited up on stage to strut their stuff and given a chance to relive their days of fame and glory. There was an individual catwalk segment where each ex-pageantee had to walk down the “catwalk” and strike their best pose.

This was followed by group poses and I have to say – it was amazing watching them work it in their lupsup attires.

Finally it was time for the karaoke session. Eighters belted out (some murmured) the lyrics to popular songs like High School Musical’s Breaking Free, and the winners of each round were decided by popular vote.

Hall 8 got talent ended with a performance of 童话 by the group leaders of each team, followed by a prize presentation. Each team walked away with Capitaland vouchers, as well as the feeling of warmth from new friendships forged.

No hard work goes unrewarded, and Eighters were treated to a spread of delicious food that was served by the 23rd JCRC. Highlight of the meal was definitely the eclairs!!!

The end of the meal signaled the start of INVESTITURE. The members of the 24th JCRC returned to the comms hall all decked out in their formal wear. There was a palpable feeling of anticipation from the 24th JCRC who were going to be receiving the responsibility of leading the hall for the next year. The 23rd JCRC handed over a small token to their successors, which signalled the end of their term.

Brandon, the 23rd JCRC’s Special Projects Director and 24th’s President, said: “It was a milestone for me, taking up a new role leading the next JCRC. We will do our best to make this hall a second home for all.”

Sean, the outgoing 23rd JCRC President, said: “The bittersweet journey wasn’t easy but it was worth it. Bitter that it ended. Sweet cause I was given the chance to serve the hall and the friendships forged.”

Thank you 23rd JCRC for your service to the hall. Rest well, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

To the 24th JCRC: GLHF!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing year ahead 🙂


– Juline



Sign-up Links

Wish to sign up for hall activities but you missed Freshmen Welcome Dinner? No worries for we have compiled all the sign up links here!

Main Committees

Posted by NTU Hall of Residence 8 on Sunday, 11 June 2017


MAXAR is looking for main committee members! If you wish to spend your time meaningfully by spreading joy to the local community, you’re the one we’re looking for!

The positions available include secretary, financial controller, logistics, creative, marketing and programmes.

Sign up here!

2. Dinner & Dance

Portfolios available:

– Business Managers

– Event Managers

– Pageant Coordinators

– Publicity and Publications

– Financial Secretary

Don’t worry if you have no experience in the portfolio you’re interested in!! Sign up here and you can find out more from us during the interview.

3. Fine Arts Production

If you are interested in the arts and playing a part in making a theatre play come alive, join Hall 8’s Fine Arts Production!

Portfolios available:

– Assistant Director

-Assistant Stage Manager

-Marketing Executive

-Events Coordinator


-Makeup Artist

-Stage Technician (Lights)

-Stage Technician (Sound)

-Business Manager


Sign up here!

4. Love Amplified

LAMP is an OCIP team that aims to provide exposure of volunteering and self-development to its members to allow them to experience what is not achievable locally.

Positions available:

  1. Business Manager
  2. Events
  3. Publications
  4. Secretary
  5. Financial Secretary

Sign up here!

5. Freshman Orientation Camp Main Committee

The FOC Main Committee is responsible for Camp AETOS, the premier Hall 8 Freshman Orientation Programme. We’re committed to delivering an unforgettable FOP experience to kickstart life in Hall 8.

Portfolios available:


Sign up here!

Cheer/Performing Arts

1. ROYALS (Cheerleading)

Want to fly or get the chance to throw someone into the air? Sign up for Royals here!

Come down for our first sharing session next Thurs, 24th Aug at 7pm to experience how cheer is like!

2. SRETHGIE (Dance)

if you wanna try something new, or love to dance!! Come join the srethgie family!! Sign up here!

There will be trial classes coming real soon in the semester!! Do stay tuned and check your emails!! See you!!!

3. Sing8Strum & Jamband

Hello! For those who have missed the signups during the Freshmen Welcome Dinner, don’t worry!  Auditions will be held on 23rd august (next wednesday) so do sign up at this link here!


Sports & Recreational Games

For those who are interested in training or representing Hall 8 in the upcoming Inter-Hall Games or Inter-Hall Recreational Games, do sign up for the various sports and games here!

For those who were asking about joining various subcommittees, recruitment will begin when the next JCRC is formed (which is really soon)! 

Love Amplified OEP

Contributed by Chun Win Ee, or more affectionately known as Datuk.

It’s been a week since Long Duc, but my life has resisted returning to routines. I attempt to do what I need to do, but my focus intermittently gives way. Everything that transpired still feels like a dream, and every memory I replay like a favourite film. In those scenes it was always a dirty and dilapidated place, but that setting was just about right for meeting perfect people who could make any and every day great. It’s the most pleasant paradox of choice: picking the most enjoyable moments we shared.

I really liked the part where we woke up to breakfasts of Bahn Mi or Maggi Mee, before squeezing together on reluctant trips to school in that vintage Mercedes. Also the part where we gave piggyback rides to the kids, as well as the teaching and repeating and repeating. Or the part where we were all inept at cement-mixing, brick-laying and mural-painting. Discussing who’s the Golden Booty over lunch; complaining about how the chicken’s only 5% cooked but eating it anyway. Begging EVG to let us get sugar cane and Sam Dua puh-lease, from “just this one time” to every day. Burning bridges over bridge, guessing who’s the Merlin and giving him an Oscar. Doing the rain dance and enjoying the dismay of those who did laundry, while praying that our own won’t turn out smelly. Chasing after commando chickens over mudfields and desperate ducks plotting their own prison break. Intensely fun dance practices that ended up with only us being our own audience. Even the painful scenes where we plucked grass under the scorching sun, sweating buckets. And seeing the darkest sides of people in the finale, blinded by a 海鲜猪肉大餐 desire.



It’s been a week since Long Duc, and my days are beginning to be mindlessly busy again. In every idle moment my mind wanders, invariably finding its way to a familiar place 900km away. I let go of everything else and watch the film unfold. Such precious screenings I smile lightly and let warm fuzzy feelings linger gently, sinfully. My heart feels full. That is enough until the next idle moment. I look forward to seeing my stars of Long Duc outside my mind’s silver screen, as every time we meet it’s a ticket to a 10/10 treat.

❤ datuk

Project Ar+back


The Residential Development Team would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone for their kind support and attendance for our skills-sharing sessions. It is indeed heartwarming to see many of our residents being so keen on developing themselves.


Purpose of Residential Development:

The purpose of such Residential Development initiatives is aligned with the university’s mission to further enhance and make holistic: on-campus living – encouraging and promoting opportunities for out-of-class learning! However, here in Hall 8, the Residential Development Team would like to further capitalize on this opportunity to make participants (eventually) leave Hall / NTU as graduates well-equipped with the University’s 5Cs –Character, Communication, Civic-Mindedness, Competence and Creativity.


What is AR+Back:

With the above in mind, Ar+Back was created with the aim of using the Arts to reach out to the less-privileged by creating a sustainable teaching-learning cycle.

Simply put, having benefitted from the free skills sessions or having had the opportunity and means to develop a certain skill set/interest, this programme provides a safe platform for you to share whatever knowledge(however much) you have with those are not blessed with the same opportunities. Otherwise, for those who have missed previous sharing sessions, can also take this opportunity to learn together with the less-fortunate.

To sign-up for Ar+Back and gain some good karma (but really out of the kindness of your hearts): please visit this link HERE!


Details of Ar+Back are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 8th April 2017 (AY 16/17 – Week 12)

Time: 0900hrs – 1700hrs

Location: Boys’ Town, 624 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 678212

Meal Provision:  Lunch & Tea

Transport Provision: 1-way to Boy’s Town.  Pickup from Hall 8’s Comms Hall @ 0915hrs.

Dressing : Ar+Back T-shirt plus any long bottoms and covered shoes.


Brief timeline of the event:

1000hrs – 1100hrs: Eighters to have arrived at Boys’ Town & Set-Up

1100hrs – 1200hrs: Introduction + Interactive Lunch (Catered)

1200hrs – 1345hrs: Sharing #1: Photography + Videography

1345hrs – 1415hrs: Tea-Break (Catered)

1415hrs – 1600hrs: Sharing #2: Dance

1600hrs – 1630hrs: Prize Presentation, Reflection, Debrief & Evaluation.


How Can I Be of Help? Do I Need to Be Very Well-Versed?

During the actual day should you have been trained / made aware of general Photography & Videography skills, you can help by mentoring participants from Boys’ Town in adjusting settings and applying the techniques covered during the sharing through the course of the activity.

As for dance, all you need to do is share your passion for dance by enjoying practicing Hip-hop basics along with their residents. Should you be well-versed in Hip-Hop, you are free to roam around assisting them in picking up the particular basic move.

Otherwise, a cheerful disposition and willingness to learn is sufficient to help boost the morale of all learners alike.

In order to align our skills and have a rough idea of how the event will be conducted, there will be a dry-run session (highly recommended) happening on 4th April 2017, Tuesday from 2000hrs to 2230hrs at The Hive.(Further details will be provided).


I would love to help, but I cannot make it (for the full event), how?

Participants need not but are encouraged to stay throughout the duration of the programme. Nonetheless, mentoring and being present for any one of the two specialisation sessions would suffice.

Should you not be able to make it, these are the other ways you can make this initiative successful:

  • Loaning your personal digital cameras / spare phones to allow for a smaller mentor to student ratio. This enables more participants to be able to experience hands-on for the photography and videography sessions.

I can only attend one segment of the sharing:

  • You are more than welcome to join us, just do let us know so that proper accounting can be done!

To offer any of these above conditional assistance, please contact Sho personally at L160002@e.ntu.edu.sg


About the beneficiary:

Boys’ Town is a charity started by the Brothers of St. Gabriel and provides residential care, street outreach, fostering, and community and school-based programmes for families, children, and youth-in-need. They help both boys and girls typically between the ages of 10 and 21 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through their services and programmes, residents are equipped with the skills necessary to become responsible and contributing members of society. For more information on Boys’ Town, please visit this link: https://www.boystown.sg/get-involved/volunteer/