Hall Crest and Logo

Hall Crest



Unlimited Horizons

The Hall VIII crest is a dignified representation of the noble spirit that encompasses the aspirations and attributions of the Hall.

The crest consists of a falcon straddling the coat of arms shield which rests on the scroll of honour showing the Hall VIII motto.

Unlimited Horizons is the indication of the Hall’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all spheres imaginable as well as standing up to new challenges that come her way. There is no set standard for the benchmark of excellence as Hall VIII will not rest on her laurels but will continually strive to better standards from year to year.

The Falcon is a bird of prey, which has vantage standing in the hierarchy of the order of predators. The Falcon is an embellishment of the strong spirit and determination in the psyche of the Hall’s character. The Falcon also represents the soaring capacity of Hall VIII in her quests for excellence and destiny amongst the establishments. The Falcon is red and yellow in colour symbolising the fiery determination and royalty of spirit that encompasses Hall VIII.

The Shield held by the Falcon is an open gesture of symbolism reflecting the unity of aspirations in the realm of academic and sports. The red and white grids symbolise ferocity in the midst of calm, which represents the close bonds of the hostellites which can be a potent force as and when the situation arises.


Hall Logo


The Hall VIII logo is a symbol of the noble spirit that encompasses the aspirations of the Hall and all its residents.

The logo consists of a falcon forming the figure ‘8’. The falcon is a stately creature, majestic and strong, symbolizing the strength and spirit of the hall. It is portrayed with dynamic movement, as the swishes embody the fiery passion, vibrancy and energy of the Hall and her residents. The soaring wings that form part of the figure embody the united quest for excellence and to achieving new heights. The traditional colours of red and yellow emphasize the fiery determination and royalty of spirit that is unique to Hall VIII.