Project Ar+back


The Residential Development Team would like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone for their kind support and attendance for our skills-sharing sessions. It is indeed heartwarming to see many of our residents being so keen on developing themselves.


Purpose of Residential Development:

The purpose of such Residential Development initiatives is aligned with the university’s mission to further enhance and make holistic: on-campus living – encouraging and promoting opportunities for out-of-class learning! However, here in Hall 8, the Residential Development Team would like to further capitalize on this opportunity to make participants (eventually) leave Hall / NTU as graduates well-equipped with the University’s 5Cs –Character, Communication, Civic-Mindedness, Competence and Creativity.


What is AR+Back:

With the above in mind, Ar+Back was created with the aim of using the Arts to reach out to the less-privileged by creating a sustainable teaching-learning cycle.

Simply put, having benefitted from the free skills sessions or having had the opportunity and means to develop a certain skill set/interest, this programme provides a safe platform for you to share whatever knowledge(however much) you have with those are not blessed with the same opportunities. Otherwise, for those who have missed previous sharing sessions, can also take this opportunity to learn together with the less-fortunate.

To sign-up for Ar+Back and gain some good karma (but really out of the kindness of your hearts): please visit this link HERE!


Details of Ar+Back are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 8th April 2017 (AY 16/17 – Week 12)

Time: 0900hrs – 1700hrs

Location: Boys’ Town, 624 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 678212

Meal Provision:  Lunch & Tea

Transport Provision: 1-way to Boy’s Town.  Pickup from Hall 8’s Comms Hall @ 0915hrs.

Dressing : Ar+Back T-shirt plus any long bottoms and covered shoes.


Brief timeline of the event:

1000hrs – 1100hrs: Eighters to have arrived at Boys’ Town & Set-Up

1100hrs – 1200hrs: Introduction + Interactive Lunch (Catered)

1200hrs – 1345hrs: Sharing #1: Photography + Videography

1345hrs – 1415hrs: Tea-Break (Catered)

1415hrs – 1600hrs: Sharing #2: Dance

1600hrs – 1630hrs: Prize Presentation, Reflection, Debrief & Evaluation.


How Can I Be of Help? Do I Need to Be Very Well-Versed?

During the actual day should you have been trained / made aware of general Photography & Videography skills, you can help by mentoring participants from Boys’ Town in adjusting settings and applying the techniques covered during the sharing through the course of the activity.

As for dance, all you need to do is share your passion for dance by enjoying practicing Hip-hop basics along with their residents. Should you be well-versed in Hip-Hop, you are free to roam around assisting them in picking up the particular basic move.

Otherwise, a cheerful disposition and willingness to learn is sufficient to help boost the morale of all learners alike.

In order to align our skills and have a rough idea of how the event will be conducted, there will be a dry-run session (highly recommended) happening on 4th April 2017, Tuesday from 2000hrs to 2230hrs at The Hive.(Further details will be provided).


I would love to help, but I cannot make it (for the full event), how?

Participants need not but are encouraged to stay throughout the duration of the programme. Nonetheless, mentoring and being present for any one of the two specialisation sessions would suffice.

Should you not be able to make it, these are the other ways you can make this initiative successful:

  • Loaning your personal digital cameras / spare phones to allow for a smaller mentor to student ratio. This enables more participants to be able to experience hands-on for the photography and videography sessions.

I can only attend one segment of the sharing:

  • You are more than welcome to join us, just do let us know so that proper accounting can be done!

To offer any of these above conditional assistance, please contact Sho personally at


About the beneficiary:

Boys’ Town is a charity started by the Brothers of St. Gabriel and provides residential care, street outreach, fostering, and community and school-based programmes for families, children, and youth-in-need. They help both boys and girls typically between the ages of 10 and 21 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through their services and programmes, residents are equipped with the skills necessary to become responsible and contributing members of society. For more information on Boys’ Town, please visit this link:


Eighter’s Games Night

The bi-annual Eighter’s Games Night, previously known as Inter-Block Games, took place on the 15th of March 2017 with a fresh new format for residents from different blocks to bond and have fun.


The night was an amalgamation of dart-throwing, nerf gun shooting, spicy noodle eating action that had everyone in good spirit.


Eighters were organised into teams of six and competed in a series of station games.


Teams participated in some nerf gun action, and tried to earn as many points as they could by taking their best aim at some targets.






Eighters were also part of the adrenaline-inducing competition in the games room where they threw darts at balloon targets their opponents had set up for them. The friendly competition had everyone laughing and shrieking in excitement.





To keep things spicy, teams had to aim ping pong balls into cups filled with sauces. These spicy sauces were mixed into noodles, and it was truly an emotional moment (lol) when team members teared while eating such a spicy noodle dish together. Talk about team bonding.


Teams also tested their nimbleness and flexibility at another station. The rule was simple: hit the strings twice and you’re out. It was a tad bit like the laser beam scene in Mission Impossible but in Hall 8 TV lounge style. (lol again)




All in all, it was an enjoyable night and I believe everyone had fun that day.




Till next time!




Eighters had a great time at our annual cluster event last Wednesday – Arcadia. It was a fun-filled evening that gathered all the residents from Hall 8,9,10 and 11 to come together to enjoy the games, mouth-watering food and drinks available across the communal hall. The atmosphere was exuberant and lively as the residents met up with their peers after a long day in school. It was also heartwarming to see familiar faces and alumni residents of hall 8 coming back for the event. For a small price of $5, residents get to enjoy free flow of snacks such as the popular Ramly burger, hotdogs, ice-cream and nachos chips.

There were numerous mini games for the residents to play and the crowd cheered as various participants try their hand at topping the score board!

Besides, the snacks and games, the residents queued up excitedly for the photo booth as well for a free photo shoot with their close friends. Many residents happily posed with the props while others did cheeky poses to animate the photo.

It was not long before the Jam Band came out and belt out several acoustic music. The singers serenaded the audience who sat with their friends in the middle of the communal hall. The residents listened intently as they cheered for their peers singing in the front.


The Jam Band sang 5 songs — Still into You by Paramore, Rain Check by the New Velvet, Everybody Talks by Neon Trees, Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars and E.T by Katy Perry


The night ended off with a lucky draw giveaway. Anxious participants prayed for their serial number to be called for a chance to win great prizes such as an iPad Mini! The audience listened attentively as the hall fellow announced the numbers.



The winners were announced eventually and they gladly accepted the prize from the hall fellow. It was definitely a night to remember for the winner and you can see how happy they were!



Nicholas won a $50 voucher from topping the score board in one of the mini game station. As for the lucky draw, 3 lucky residents walked away with exciting prizes! Yong won a printer (with no ink), Cindy won a hard drive and the grand prize went to Chantel – an iPad Mini 4!


The eventful night ended promptly and all the residents were grinning from ear to ear as they returned to their respective rooms. They were beat yet thoroughly satisfied with the event. The event came to an end as the hall awaits to see yet another full-filled Arcadia event next year.


Cultural Night 2017

Heyo Eighters~!

Our annual Cultural Night will be held on 19 March Sunday @ Aliwal Arts Centre at 1830hrs. As tickets are in limited quantity, do reserve them soon! A fantabulous dinner will also be served (i.e. not finger food!!!!).

Transport will also be provided back to hall after the event.

The price of each ticket is $10.

Reserve now @

Hall 8 Cultural Night 2017 Tickets

Date: 19 March 2017 (Sunday) Time: 1830hrs Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre Dinner will be served too so please come on time! Please fill in your details to book the tickets. They are in limited quantity~! Support your Sing&Strum and JamBand Friends! Price: $10 We will drop you an SMS/Whatsapp Message for the collection date/timing.

Collection of tickets will be announced at a later date.


Take this opportunity to unwind after your stressful midterms and submissions ~
Support your Jamband and Sing&Strum friends too c:

Soldier on for your remaining submissions/midterms!

Lim Kai Tjoon (Mr)
Deputy Arts & Cultural Director | 23rd JCRC
Hall of Residence VIII
Nanyang Technological University
Mobile: 9640 3272 | Email:

Eighters’ Games Night

Hi Eighters! Looking to take a break and have a chill session of games with your hall pals? Sign up now for Eighters’ Games Night!

Previously known as Inter-block Games, Eighters’ Games Night presents a fresh format for sign-ups and aims to promote bonding within residents across the blocks (without compromising on the fun factor and attractive prizes, of course). Hall alumni are also invited so come join us for a night of games, prizes and fun!

Details of Event:
Date: 15th March 2017
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Hall 8 Communal Hall

Format of sign-ups:
You may opt to sign up with a buddy if you wish to. Each pair will then be grouped with 2 other pairs to form a group of 6 members. You can also sign up on your own if you don’t mind grouping with other hall residents too!

So wait no further and sign up by this Sunday, 12th March with this link:

We hope to see you there! 🙌

Best Regards
Soh Jing Wen Rachel (Ms.)
Deputy Recreation Director l 23rd JCRC
NTU Hall of Residence 8
Tel: 9222 8616

Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony

Hey Eighters!
Excited for the upcoming HOCC?
This year, HOCC will be held on 25 February 2017 (Sat), at 5.30pm in the Nanyang Auditorium. Hall 8’s very own Srethgie will be performing and tickets are extremely limited!  We will be having our dance showcase on 22 February (Wed)9pm at Hall 8 Comms Hall and will open the tickets for reservation too. Do bring down your matric card for verification purposes and only 1 ticket can be reserved per person.
Do note that we will only issue the tickets out on the actual HOCC day, Saturday 25 Feb. More details will be given on showcase day.
P/S: The tantalising noise you frequently hear at night comes from our dedicated dancers amidst their rehearsals for an awesome show this coming Saturday! We seek your understanding that during this period, Srethgie will be using the Comms Hall till ~5am daily for practice 

PP/S: We are still looking for more volunteers to help Srethgie out for backstage and props. If interested, please contact Jermaine @ 8223537 or Kai Tjoon @ 96403272


Hey Eighters!

As Hall Olympiad 16/17 draws to a close, I would like to take the chance to cheer on our dancers for the upcoming HOCC event this Saturday. It has been so heart-warming to know that each one of you put in your heart and soul, practising through the night for Srethgie and for Hall 8. The same goes for the rest of our Eighters as well who have contributed to hall in one way or another. So come on down for a sumptuous steamboat spread this coming Thursday23rd February 7.30pm – 10.30pm, and take a well-deserved break as we feast together!
P.S. Please do note that we will only be providing disposable bowls and chopsticks but feel free to bring your own bowls and cutleries if you would like. Also note to bring your own favourite sauces as these are not provided for.

P.P.S. For those who have any dietary requirements or specific allergies, please do highlight them to any of your block reps through the respective block chats. Otherwise, you may contact me directly at 9320 4212 (Adalric) as well.

Best Regards,
Ang Wee Heng, Adalric
Vice President | 23rd JCRC | NTU Hall of Residence VIII
Tel: (+65) 9320 4212 | Alt email:
Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Arts Showcase 2017

Hey Eighters!
School is getting tough but FRET NOT, RECESS WEEK IS COMING!!! And what better way but to kick-start the break with AWESOME MUSIC?? Come down for a night of eargasmic live performances from our fellow Eighters as well as halls 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18 and Sabby and the Cats @ Nanyang Arts Showcase 2017!!!
It will be held on 26th Feb, 6pm-12am at Five Square Bar (Pickering Street) so be there or be SQUARED!!
Best Regards,
Cassandra Cheng Kai Ting (Ms)
Honorary General Secretary|23rd JCRC
Hall of Residence VIII
Nanyang Technological University

Fine Arts Production Proudly Presents…

Hello Eighters!
The long awaited annual Hall 8 Fine Arts Production is back again!
Misguided follows the tales of individuals who seek the greener grass on the other side of the fence and lose their footing amidst the struggles. 1 show, 2 extraordinary plays. Held on 3rd March in Orchard Central. Tickets are limited so hurry now and book your tickets! 💯
Best Regards,
Cassandra Cheng Kai Ting (Ms)
Honorary General Secretary|23rd JCRC
Hall of Residence VIII
Nanyang Technological University

Valentines Day

The annual Valentine’s Day will be happening tomorrow, Wednesday (15/02/17) from 6.30pm – 10.30pm!
Come join us as LUXE brings to you a fun-filled night of events as we celebrate Valentine’s Day! Games will be played during the event, together with performances by Hall 8’s SNS and Jam Band, and the winners of MMS will also be revealed. The event will start promptly at 7pm, do come on down earlier to grab yourself a good seat! Light refreshments will be provided as well! 🙂
Be there or be square!
Thanks and Regards,

Boris Koh

NTU Hall of Residence 8
LUXE Chairperson